Insects Attacking Trees

Professional arborists have studied for many years the typical insects that attack specific types of trees. There are many families of insects to identify. The way that insects attack trees is by defoliating them. Also, they stop the sap from flowing properly within the tree. Both of this kind of insect attack weakens the tree provoking it to die if not treated on time. As not all insects are destructive to a tree, it is important to learn which ones are the malicious ones. Again, an arborist is well knowledgeable in the subject and it is important to consult them before attacking insects found on a tree. Some of the good insects actually help keep the tree safe by acting as predators to the malicious insects. Therefore, don’t jump into killing every insect you find on a tree as you may be causing more harm to the future health of the tree.

Chewing, sucking and boring are the three categories that insects divide into. In each of these groups the insects have different characterizes of how they cause harm to a tree. When we find the group the insect belongs too then we can narrow the search of the treatment that is applicable for that particular problem. A professional Arborist will guide you in the problem treatment application to help save the tree.