Tree Problems From Pest And Disease

Pests and diseases found on trees are localized to specific types. One can narrow the diagnosis of the problem by studying what kind can of pest or disease can affect that specific tree. In order to start identifying any possible problems a tree might have we must look at the leaves, the roots, the branches and the trunk. Always remember that a professional Arborist will have the extensive knowledge required to identify any pest and disease a tree will have. Don’t hesitate to ask for that professional opinion.

Analyzing the leaves will give you precise information. Starting with the top of the tree, if the leaves in that area are dead this will indicate root stress. Herbicides, insect feeding, and viral infection are some of the diagnosis of twisted and curled leaves. Also be very observant in regards to the color of the leaves. The color can be a great indicator of possible pest and disease affecting the tree.

Within the trunk area of a tree, if there are open wound areas, these can welcome
wood-rooting organisms and pathogens. The roots can be identified as having problems of diseases by analyzing the color. Dry soil and chemical toxics are indicated in a brown color. The root-rooting organisms and overly wet soil are indicated with the black color.