Problems of Tree Topping

Tree toping can basically kill your tree. Mostly a tree is toped when a homeowner considers the tree to have grown beyond a point of control. Topping involves cutting between 50 to 100 percent of a tree. A great amount of the life of a tree is sustained by the leaves. When topping that high of a percentage you can basically suffocate the tree. Consulting a professional Arborist as to how to proceed to reduce the size of a tree is the best route to take. In order for the tree to survive it will begin very quickly to shoot out new branches and leaves to gain the breath it lost in the topping.

When topping a tree it becomes very stressed and weak. This now vulnerable tree is open to a lot more diseases due to the topping. Topping a tree is not comparable to trimming, one is dealing with cutting very big branches. This must be done in a professional safe manner to avoid any property damage or personal injury. Call an expert Arborist to assist in this process.