Tree Stump Removal

Much of the magic of removing a stump is based on the tools used in the job. There is no easy way to remove any tree stump. No matter how many promises you hear from any vendor do not use chemicals to get read of any tree stump. In this case the old fashion way of digging and hard manual labor is the safest and quickest way to handle stump removal. Tools such as an axe, a pick axe, and a shovel are the primary essentials you will need on hand. Once these are in place, measure two feet minimum in distance from the tree stump and begin digging a circle around the stump. In the process of digging you will come across the roots that will need to be severed to detach the stump. Assure a clean and clear area to every root before cutting it because the dirt surrounding the roots can destroy your axe. You will need to dig deep to break the stump from all the roots. As mentioned before, there is no quick fix to stump removal. A lot of patience and grueling work is the key to succeed in this undertaking.

There is also an alternative to this kind of work. That is to grind the stump to a level underground. This is one of the fastest ways to remove any stump but it requires a lot of heavy equipment and many homeowners decide not to use this option even if they have the opportunity to rent the equipment. This is when they opt to hire a tree stump removal company or arborist to do the grinding down of the stump.

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