Wind Thins

There are certain areas were the wind blows very frequently and causes a lot of stress to the trees. The branches are constantly bending back and forth. This mainly happens when the flow of the wind through the tree is stopped due to the high volume of branches. The wind is forcefully pushing its way through the tree to continue its path causing the branches to bend over back and forth. This constant wind blowing weakens the branches most likely causing them at some point to brake and possibly causing property damage or personal injury.

If you live in a high winded area it is important to consider calling a professional Arborist to Wind Thin your trees. This means that they will strategically cut certain branches to allow the flow of the wind and saving the other branches from the constant bending. These professional Arborists have studied for many years the proper cutting and thinning of branches to assure the tree to continue with its greatest views and greatest health and safety.