Analyzing Construction and Weather Damage on Trees

Weather and construction cause serious damage to trees. The damage can occur in the roots being dented or severed or the soil having been compacted on them causing pressure. Branches become split or broken leaving the tree exposed to diseases and pest, which can further health issues. All these problems cause weakness and exposure of the tree to dying. In order to salvage any tree there are different methods that can be used. Some may be as easy as some simple trimming but other fixes may need to proceed with structural support systems. When there is no guarantee of safety from the structure of the tree after a weather or construction problem it is best to incline to remove the tree. Always bend on the side of caution to avoid property damage or personal injury. Always consult an Arborist for their professional advice on how to proceed with any damage caused to the tree by weather or construction damage.

When a tree faces root loss it is mostly recommended to top the tree as it will no longer be able to provide the nourishment for the full structure of the tree. From there on one must not do any trimming on the tree in the future years to allow the tree to grow again.