Tree Support Systems

Every tree is a different world and is very unpredictable in its growth pattern. While we all hope a tree will grow into a nice shape this is not always the case. We find that many trees as they grow older stand in need of a Support System to help them grow healthy and strong in the right direction. There are different ways to provide that kind of support that the tree might need in its diverse growing problems. In order to assure the proper Support System technique is applied it is strongly recommended once again to question a professional Arborist in the matter. No one has any intent in wanting to hurt a tree more but many times the wrong Support System is applied if not consulted with the appropriate professional Arborist.

Many of the Support Systems are applied to help trees resist through rough weather conditions. Cabling and bracing the branches that might be at a greater risk to break are two methods used in the Support Systems. An Arborist will help define where on the branch each cable and bracing must go and to where it must be attached. Please do not attempt this without a professional as more problems can arise for possible property damage and personal injury.