Tree Trimming

There are three main reasons that surround the why of trimming any tree in general. The first and most important reason to consider if that of safety. In following this, we approach the reason of health and of aesthetic.

Trees intercede in many instances with power lines and the branches could fall on these lines causing all kinds of mayhem to your home or that of neighbors. Besides falling on power lines the simple fact that any branches could fall on any property, on you, or on children, or passing pedestrians is a serious issue. Every year many children fall from trees from branches that break because of not being safely trimmed. Many of these branch safety issues could be avoided by selecting carefully the trees that you can properly manage. Analyze to what extent the tree can grow and the area you are planting it in to avoid future accidents.

Trimming a tree for health reasons involves many areas. Many times branches will cross between other branches affecting the growth of the tree. As you trim a tree always consider trimming it to allow proper direction in the growth. Some branches will even rub other branches causing it to have open areas that can become insect infected. Look carefully at the branches to assure that each one is healthy and growing in the proper direction.Trimming a tree for aesthetic reasons is also consider an important reason for trimming any tree. Some branches will take some very different directions making the tree loose a beautiful shape. Some branches grow downwards and need to be trimmed.

You can trim a tree properly to allow for a more beautiful show of flowers when they blossom. In speaking about flower trees, timing is definitely essential when it comes to trimming these type of branches. The blossoms are exposed a year prior to their actual blooming. While trimming the branches you have two areas of focus: The branches area that you need to preserve for next year’s blooming and the branches area you need to trim for this year’s tree health and show. A good precision in the trimming will grant you a very healthy tree and a beautiful flower show to expose.

Learning where to cut in the right place will save your tree from committing one of the greatest trimming mistakes, to cut in the wrong place.